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At KBOX we're firm believers in having something to strive for. It makes us eager and keen to know more. 

We work to a syllabus for each grade, gradually working through the different coloured belts, as with Karate, achieving a high standard towards black belt and beyond through the Dan levels.

Each student is assessed on their own progress according to personal ability along with the standard requirements.

A black belt is a thing to be revered. It's a thing that requires and demands extremely hard work over a long period of time, patience, determination, dedication and motivation. It is not something easily gained and many students give up long before this point.

Nor is it the end. It's the proof that a student has what it takes to carry on and reflects and impacts their attitude to life...

The image shows our system from white belt upwards. White belt is not given at the start, it's awarded after a minimum of 3 months' training, and there is an increasing training period between each rank.

Once a student reaches 'black belt' or 1st Dan, those periods are years apart, a year for each dan gained. This shows the work that goes into this achievement- but also the fun, the friends made, and the huge positive effect training has on mental and physical abilities.

Children under 16 are known as Cadets. Cadets must be 16 to qualify for a full black belt (due to maturity and strength) so we introduce an interim system until they are old enough.

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