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Here at KBOX Kickboxing Academy, we care about protecting your privacy.

We use cookies on our website to enable smooth functionality. 

How else we collect information.

We collect your details if you fill in a Newbies form, and if you fill in a Members Form. These details are transferred to our online booking system when you book a class.

All members are regarded as such for 'life', unless you tell us otherwise. If you no longer wish to be part of our club, you can ask us to delete all of the information we hold on you. This can include where you live, your date of birth, your financial information, such as the bank details (account number and sort code) you give us to pay fees. It can also include medical details that you have given us.

If you choose to simply 'stop training temporarily', we will retain your other information for one year after you stop, but we will destroy financial information immediately, so this will need to be requested again if you return.

KBOX shares certain details ( name, date of birth, address) with its associated licencing & insuring, and Direct Debit management company MAGB, and with GoCardless, once you set up direct debit to pay your fees.

KBOX reserves the right, once it has permission, to share appropriate medical history with any Emergency Medical Services, should they be needed, but we will not share your details with any other third party without your written permission.

You have the right to ask us what information we hold on you, and the right to ask us to erase it.

You are free to exercise your rights, and if you would like to do so, you can contact us using any of the methods above.

Once we have your permission, we will contact you with club related news or on related issues either via email or text message. You can tell us which you would prefer.

We will inform you if we change this cookie and privacy policy.