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K-Box Academy teaches American (& Freestyle) kickboxing to anyone from the age of 5 and is a friendly community club.

KBOX classes began in January 2009 as a sideline to another club teaching the same kickboxing, alongside Wado Ryu Karate and it progressed to being an independent club in January 2016.


We have zero tolerance policies on bullying, racism, sexism and ageism, feel a duty to our students and to society to give belts only when they are well deserved and earned, and are careful to instill that the techniques demonstrated and practiced in class are never to be used in any other circumstance except when personal safety is at extreme risk.







  • Izzie is a highly patient instructor with superb technical knowledge, extensive teaching experience and lightening fast reactions.

  • Began training 14 years ago with N.A.S.S.K.C. (under Patrick Scantlebury), instructed by Master M.T. Middleton, and continued training with Middleton at his new club, until November 2015.

  • Started her own sessions in January 2009 initially as a subsidiary class.

  • KBOX Kickboxing Academy became independent on January 1st 2016.

Essential Certificates:

  • DBS Enhanced Disclosure cleared 

  • Instructor's insurance

  • Students' insurance

  • St. John's Ambulance First Aid certificate


Other associated Certifications/ Awards:


  • Certificates in understanding autism and ADHD (Derby University)

  • Diploma ADHD Awareness

  • Safeguarding Children Certificate

  • Sport Nutrition Certificate


  • Karate Kickboxing Intense Defence System -Dedictaion to Martial Arts (2 years) 2008/9

  • Kickboxing Coaches Award 2009

  • Business Development Award





  • Mark has vast, successful World competition experience and a  plethora of trophies.

  • He has trained for year alongside Izzie through the grades, also under Master Middleton and hold Safeguarding and Coaching certificates.

Our other regular Assistant Instructors are:

Garry Kirk:

Brown Belt/ White tag

Jason Littlewood: 

Brown belt/ Black tag

Tony Littlewood:

Brown Belt/ Black tag

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