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Novacity  1 Peel Parade  Barnsley S70 2RN




Learning kickboxing increases your fitness levels, blasts fat at around 750 calories an hour, tones every muscle in your body and releases endorphins, the natural stress buster & mood booster which in turn improve your self esteem and confidence.


If that's not enough, it also improves your hand to eye co-ordination, balance, flexibility and reflexes.


Kids and teens love kicking. It's engaging, fun, burns off all that energy, helps to fight bullying problems, improves confidence and attention span, and helps to prevent anti-social behaviour.


Martial Arts generally can assist with ADHD, Autism, behavioural issues and similar. Our Chief Instructor holds certificates in ADHD, Autism and Asperger's Awareness and is engaged in continuous training in understanding these fields, with a  view to helping students feel comfortable and so get the most benefit out of their training with us.


KBOX provides discipline for adults and children whilst maintaining a relaxed and friendly, family atmosphere.

All students wear full protective gear for medium contact sparring and are fully insured.



KBOX delivers classes aimed at a broad mix of people from age 5 through to 65 with vastly differing abilities and levels of fitness. 

We train together. We help one another. We learn control and respect and how to encourage each other to become the best version of ourselves by working as a team in a professional but relaxed, family type atmosphere.

With us, you'll learn focus pad training, techniques, shadow sparring, contact sparring, circuit training and some games.

No experience needed, just the will to keep trying!



Fun and enjoyment are key to learning and improvement, and we believe that discipline and respect come hand in hand with achievement.


Our kickboxing works with defence in mind. It draws on various martial arts disciplines including Taekwondo, Jujutsu, and Boxing, but originates from a club teaching Japanese Wado Ryu Karate- 'Wado Ryu' meaning 'Harmony' and so we follow that same ethos.

We don't use Japanese terminology or practice katas as such, but overall it looks similar.

Our Dojo, or 'training room' is situated in a fun and lively environment, housed at (although independent from) Novacity, in a converted, multistory car park, providing trampolining and Parkour.

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