Where and When?

Please note, as a  result of COVID-19 we are not currently in the Dojo. However we are still providing online classes and grading syllabus tuition for paying students.

We are also accepting NEW students, tutoring them with basics online to give a  head start for when we return.

Please contact us if you are interested in this.

Your guide to starting with us


Novacity  1 Peel Parade  Barnsley  S70 2RN

07905 052307



6pm - 7.30pm

Family  Class

Includes single children or adults

Age 5 upwards


6pm - 7.30pm

Adults Only

Age 16 upwards


11.30am - 1pm

Family Class

Includes single children or adults

Age 5 upwards


Contractless Direct Debit PACKAGE 1

4 classes per calendar month



8 classes per calendar month



4 classes per calendar month for a  family of 3 or more


All students must hold an annual  current kickboxing licence (which includes Student Insurance) at £18.50

Students are obliged to give 30 days' notice before cancelling.

Missed classes may be used up within the same month.

What Do I Need?

All you need to start with is a  bottle of water, a  towel if you wish and to wear a  t shirt and tracksuit trousers.

We prefer students not to wear shorts or revealing tops and to leave jewellery at home.

In the winter you may need a warm top to start with and a  pair of trainers.

Please be sure to have eaten at least 2 hours before training.

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