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Hi everyone- Just to update so that you don't think we've vanished-

We have just heard the brilliant news that gyms can return on the 25th July. We're now waiting on Novacity's decision with regards to how they will set out COVID safe measures before we can get back kicking. Once we have those, we can then crack on with our own plans for adjustments to class content, and will let you know as soon as possible. We are very keen to get back- and very keen to see you all!

At first, and for an unknown time, we will have to run classes with no contact. That is, no contact sparring as we know it- but I will ensure students who love that will get something as close as I can that is safe, for now until it can be allowed.

I will also be adding a class specifically for new students who just want to get fit and learn techniques and who may have previously been too nervous of sparring to come along- These classes will have no sparring and no grading (because this by nature has to include sparring) and will have background music. Essentially they will be 'Kickboxercise' classes, but safe in the knowledge that students will be taught 'proper' techniques by a Martial Arts Instructor.

These new classes will continue to run alongside regular classes once sparring can resume.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to everyone who has continued to support the club and myself throughout the lockdown and to those who have continued to train, using the online classes. That support has been absolutely invaluable to the continuation of our club. Online classes will continue until we step foot back in the dojo.

See you all soon. Stay safe.

Sensei Izzie x

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