• Sensei Izzie


KBOX is delighted to announce that we will return to classes at Novacity on Thursday 20th August.

We are not accepting new starters to begin with, but once we've settled in with our existing students we will contact everyone on our waiting list with details of when you can start.

Current students: You cannot just turn up to classes as before, you MUST book via the app which we sent you in an email, or call if you have problems and we'll book for you. This is to comply with government track and trace.

90 minute classes are now split into two 45 minutes with a clean down session in between. You can either book both 45 minute sessions that day to equal your usual 90 minute class or one or the other 45 min if you prefer.

In order to give everyone a chance to train, Thursdays and Saturdays are open to anyone and I will tailor the class according to who books.

If adults prefer to train with adults, please ensure you book the Thursday class as before.

You may use your own boxing gloves for bagwork but we are not sharing equipment yet.

Classes will be socially distanced, allowing you a marked out area each, and we will be cleaning before, in between and after. Novacity are disinfecting the entire building every night before closing (but basically it is extremely quiet so it will be just us), so you can rest assured we're doing everything we can to be safe.

Your temperature will taken on entry. If you are over correct temperature, you will be asked to go home and track and trace.

Please do do come to class if you have ANY symptoms.

We're really looking forward to seeing you all. Please book now to make sure you get in. See you next week!


Sensei Izzie.

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