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How to tie your belt (Tutorial)

Hi everyone. As a proud student who has passed your first grading and been awarded a white belt, you should take the time to learn how to wear it properly. That means knowing how to tie it yourself. Your uniform (it's proper, Japanese name is 'Gi') should be neat and tidy, clean and ironed.

Just in case you didn't realise, traditionally in Karate, a belt was simply to keep your gi together and it was a natural cotton colour when it was GIFTED to you by your Sensei if you'd deserved it.

As time went on and you trained hard and fought, the belt would get dirty and stained and would keep changing colour, getting darker and darker until eventually after the years of training, sparring, learning and hard work it would be almost black (and probably a bit smelly!!). This signified that you had achieved a good level of basic learning (what we now call 'Black Belt' status ) and were ready to start a journey on to higher learning and achievement (Dan levels). For this reason, you should never, ever wash your belts because they remind you that you've earned your grade/level/rank.

Now learn how to tie your belt yourself.

Sensei Izzie.

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