Booking your first class 

Hi. If you're new to us:

  • Please fill in our Newbie's Form

  • Have a  look at our timetable and prices to see which class you'd like to attend. This might change, but it gives us a starting point.

  • Once we've received your form, and we know a  bit about you, we'll email you back, and ask you to let us know which day you'd like to come along - or suggest a  good day for you.

  • If we've confirmed your class booking, please try to let us know if you can't, or no longer want to attend, so that we know who to expect. 

  • When you've been to your first class (which is free), we'll have a  chat, book you in to the class (es) you choose long term, and  set up your your fees for you. 

  • We have fee packages for you to attend one class a week, or two. We think  most people would struggle to attend 3  times a week regularly, but we're flexible, so you can pay for a  third on an ad hoc basis later, if you like.

  • That's it, so we're looking forward to receiving your form and meeting you. See you soon!