Grading Form

When there's an opportunity, and  you'd like to grade (and when we feel you know you your syllabus) you'll need to fill in the following form. You'll need to do this a few days before the day of your grading and you must have also paid your fee in advance.

We no longer accept cash because of COVID (we were working towards that anyway) so please ask for bank details so that you can transfer the correct amount to KBOX. The correct amount for you is marked at the side of your grade colour in the dropdown box below.

Please note, we're proud of our standards and will not waste your money and everyone's time grading students who pretend they have practiced and clearly will not pass.

You must know what the techniques are on your syllabus by name  and be able to perform them correctly, consistently, with conviction and without any sloppiness. These are the qualities REQUIRED for everyone's  next grade.

If you know your stuff, please fill in the form below.