COVID Tier 3 Restrictions Announcement


Currently we can still train, but this is to be reviewed in the next few days.

We must ensure that people - ‘avoid mixing with people they don’t live with’ and that ‘social interaction before and after…should be limited to people from the same household’.

This is, of course, fantastic news - we all need to keep physically and mentally healthy and try to still have a little bit of fun in this awful situation.

In order to continue to fulfill these criteria, and to make everyone as safe as possible, the following additional rules must be adhered to very strictly:

  1. Parents must drop off their children OUTSIDE the building where possible – otherwise, masks must be worn at all times, and time inside restricted to an absolute minimum.

  2. Novacity are implementing a ‘no stay’ policy, so parents cannot stay anywhere in the building - you need to go and shop, and then come back when it’s time to pick up.

  3. When picking up kids, please WAIT OUTSIDE, socially distanced or IN YOUR CAR if possible.

  4. All students must arrive and leave in exactly what they will wear for class (although a coat is allowed). There must be no changing of clothes.

  5. No sharing or borrowing of gloves, skipping ropes etc allowed. So that we can find enough to do, please buy your own boxing gloves and skipping rope AND REMEMBER ENOUGH WATER TO LAST THOUGH CLASS.

  6. No full-size gear bags allowed. These reduce training space and we don’t want to have to reduce the classes even further. Bring your gloves, rope & bottle loose or in a very small bag please.

  7. Absolutely no hanging around before or after class. Take bow, pick your stuff up, say ‘bye’ and go home after sanitising. Everyone is welcome to phone/facebook/email/whatsapp me at any time for anything, important or just to chat.

  8. All adult students must wear a mask while training unless there’s a medical reason not to. Classes will be adjusted to take these into account because I know they make you warmer and it’s less easy to breathe.

  9. No cash please- Direct debit or bank transfer for everything including grading fees.

  10. There is now an online grading form as well to avoid paper (COVID contact and Carbon footprint friendly) at . Please fill this in and pay your fee once you have been told you can grade.

Our standards must only increase because of COVID.

Thank you for your patience and co-operation.

Sensei Izzie.

© 2021 Izzie Kirk