Important COVID 19  Changes

We're delighted to be able to return to training!

  • Temporarily, the Tuesday session has been halted for various reasons but will be back when we get back on track. Apologies to those who traditionally have trained Tuesdays and we really hope you can make another session for now.

  • Whilst we settle in we can only allow existing members to train. If you would like to enquire to start, we'll put you on our waiting list and then welcome you in very soon.

  • The available FOUR sessions are for everyone, adults and children, regardless of grade and will be tailored, on the day, according to who has booked. Everyone is really grateful that we're all still here to be able to get back to some kind of normality so please be happy to train together for now.

  • Each session may be regarded as either a single, 90 minute session with a 15 minute clean down session in the middle (please book yourself into both 45 min sessions for this) - or two independent 45 min sessions and you can attend either.

  • All students must arrive on time (not early, or late) and leave immediately after training. Late comers will not be allowed to train.

  • All students will be temperature checked on entry to both Novacity and class. Please do not come to class if you display any symptoms.

  • We've worked out that 10 students per class is our maximum limit in order to observe social distancing, taking long legs and attacking distances into account so there's an  automatic waiting list in the booking system in case we get too busy. We apologise if this happens to you, but please try to book early.

  • Spectators are not allowed in the training room. This includes parents and is in line with government guidance.

  • Please arrive in your uniform and leave in it if at all possible, keeping your belongings to an absolute minimum, and well away from anyone elses.

  • Toilet facilities are still available with social distancing measures etc in place.

  • As part of the training session, we will be  exercising our abilities to clean and sanitise regularly!



Come and enjoy!


Thank you

Sensei Izzie.

© 2020 Izzie Kirk