COVID Restrictions Update


We now have 'Return to Play' for everyone, and are able to invite everyone back to training.

Although restrictions have been lifted, to make everyone as safe as possible, we're continuing to follow additional procedures:

  1. Parents, please drop off your children outside the building where possible, unless you would like to stay for the duration of their class where you can soon stay in our waiting room.

  2. All students must arrive and leave in exactly what they will wear for class (although a coat is allowed). There must be no changing of clothes.

  3. Please buy your own boxing gloves and skipping rope (and sparring equipment once you've reached that stage), so that we can restrict sharing of gear AND REMEMBER ENOUGH WATER TO LAST THROUGH CLASS.

  4.  Everyone is welcome to phone/Facebook/email/WhatsApp me at any time for anything, important or just to chat things over, so please try not to hang about too long after the session.

  5. Please bring a  mask if you would like to wait in the waiting room. Masks are optional, but consideration for others is always friendly.

  6. No cash please- Direct debit or bank transfer for everything including grading fees.

  7. We are still asking students to clean equipment after each use and providing sanitiser at various points in the building.

Our standards must only increase because of COVID.

Thank you for your patience and co-operation.

Sensei Izzie.