Hi, I'm Izzie, I'm.. getting on now.. (ha!) and I’ve been training and teaching kickboxing to both adults and children for 19 years.


Having danced as a young girl into my teens, then swapped it for Ice skating, and given it up entirely to get on with 'life', I decided I wanted to start learning kickboxing much later on, to snap myself out of a few years of exercise stagnation. I tried a kickboxercise video and loved it. It was exhausting, invigorating and made me feel alive. It became a  bit of an obsession every day, but having always wanted to try a martial art (with no fuss though) I wanted the real thing instead, proper techniques.   I wanted to learn to defend and fight, be a part of something with some discipline, kick and punch the crap out of equipment on a bad day, release my inhibitions and my stresses, feed my confidence - and (incidentally) learn to look after myself with a friendly bunch of people. I was never a quitter at something I loved.... I stuck at it. I turned up in the snow when everyone else stayed at home by the fire. I trained enthusiastically and sparred with the guys. I did do my share of groaning sometimes though, on a tired day! I aimed to be a purple belt (the grade of someone who was there when I started), then I wanted to be a black belt - then I wanted to teach and just keep going - and so here I am, with my own dojo and some really great students, hoping that some of them will be inspired do the same, either in kickboxing or  just in general life.

Sensei Izzie

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